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Facility and Equipment Status

The facilities and equipment owned by ACE ONE Co., Ltd. are as in the following table.

We are manufacturing precise and excellent products thanks to a number of cutting-edge facilities.

Facility Name Capacity/Size Quantity Remark
Digital Wind Meter AR866 1 Research Institute
Insulation Resistance Tester TK-4003 1 Research Institute
Tachometer DT6236B 1 Research Institute
Noise Meter CENTER320 1 Research Institute
Calipers NA500-300S 1 Research Institute
Multi Meter PROTEK4000 1 Research Institute
Portable Tester TK-3205 1 Research Institute
Withstand Voltage Tester ILO-PT2031 1 Research Institute
Digital Wattmeter DW-6091 1 Research Institute
Temperature Recorder 12 Channel 1 Research Institute
General Purpose Vehicle Bongo and Carnival 4 Others
Delivery Purpose Vehicle 1 Ton Truck 2 Others
Delivery Purpose Vehicle 3.5 Ton 1 Others
Delivery Purpose Vehicle 5 Ton 2 Others
Standing Forklift 1.5 Ton 1 Others
Terminal Press Mold TAEYANG 130 Wire Harness
Lying Press 2-5 TON 16 Wire Harness
Automatic Harness Processing Machine KM-104/3N 4 Wire Harness
Tension Meter TY-50L 외 3 Wire Harness
Wrong Wiring/Current Carrying Meter Pin-to-Pin/Dawon 5 Wire Harness
Digital Cutting Machine KH-702N 6 Wire Harness
COMPRESSOR 50HP 1 Wire Harness
ASS'Y LINE 2M * 30M 3 Control Box
TORQUEMETER KTM - 100/KGF:1.5-100 1 Control Box
Electric Tools SY-6280L, AP 30 Control Box
Ion Blower SD-25 3 Control Box
Label Feeder GL-505S 1 Control Box
Screw Feeder NSB(JAPAN) 1 Control Box
COMPRESSOR 10HP 1 Control Box
PIPE AUTO CUTTING 160*120*180 1TON 1 Filter Drier Assy
PIPE SEMI-AUTO CUTTING 240*60*180 2 Filter Drier Assy
PIPE CUTTING 420*60*160 1TON 1 Filter Drier Assy
DRYER AUTO Assembly Machine 200*180*200 1 Filter Drier Assy
AUTO SWAGING 220*180*200 2 Filter Drier Assy
MANUAL SWAGING 220*180*160 2 Filter Drier Assy
PRESS(DRYER) 100*140*200 2 Filter Drier Assy
PRESS(Capillary Tube) 40*100*170 2 Filter Drier Assy
Tube Expander 180*80*120 1 Filter Drier Assy
Vacuum Packing Machine 140*100*140 1 Filter Drier Assy
AUTO BRAZING 180*100*180 1TON 1 Filter Drier Assy
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Address : 43-3, Jingoksandan 5beon-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea
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